Make Your Own Vape Pens


You can use Vesl’s LIQUIFII Vape Kit to turn any concentrate, including CBD Isolate and CBD Crumble, into a vape pen ready to smoke in less than a minute!
LIQUIFII your herbal concentrates into vape liquid instantly with the highest quality liquefier on the market! Simply add concentrate, apply heat, and vape!!
What You Need
*You can also fill any of the big E-Cig vaporizer with your concentrates and LIQUIFII
3 Easy Steps
  1. Place concentrate (1gram max) into glass mixing jar and add 1-2ml of LIQUIFII.  Control the amount and strength of your end product by the amount of LIQUIFII used in the mix. For example, 1 gram of concentrate and 1.2ml of LIQUIFII will fill approximately 4 0.5ml cartridges (or 1 cartridge 4 times) with about 250mg of concentrate in each.
  2. Place mix and glass container in microwave for no longer than 5 seconds. Stir/mix thoroughly with syringe tip for 10 seconds. Repeate, if necessary, until all concentrate has been dissolved.
3. Use filling syringe to draw out your e-liquid and slowly fill cartridge from the top (fill  with mouth piece removed DO NOT put liquid inside the small air hole) Store any leftovers in a dry, cool place. Raise temperature of stored mix for easy refilling later. 
*replace mouthpiece immediately after filling*
You are now ready to start vaping all of your favorite concentrates with the help of the VESL LIQUIFII Vape Kit!!!