Pure CBD Isolate (1g)

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This 99+% Pure CBD (Cannabidiol) Isolate is derived entirely from naturally sourced, US grown, Industrial Hemp Oil.  This pure CBD oil product is in the Crystalline (Powdered) form making it extremely easy to work with as an ingredient. This Pure CBD Isolate Powder is 100% THC FREE perfect for mixing in any recipe, and can even be vaporized by itself!

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CBD Isolate Powder

*Contains more than 98% CBD (Cannabidiol) | 1 gram | THC FREE

Our 1 gram CBD Isolate is in pure powder form with CBD concentrations over 99%! Our isolate is never synthetic, and is derived from high quality CBD-rich hemp flowers. CBD ISOLATE is highly refined by removing all plant-based lipids, terpenes, and all other cannabinoids. We stop the refinement process when we are down to pure CBD crystalline isolate. Because of our lab’s proprietary manufacturing process, our organic pure CBD crystals melt at a much higher temperature than CBD isolate from companies who use hemp plants grown for fiber. Therefore, our Pure CBD ISOLATE is perfect for cooking, confections, baking and various other applications requiring heat. Because pure organic CBD isolate is oil soluble (not water soluble) and is virtually odorless/tasteless, making it extremely suitable for edibles, vape, cosmetics, and other oil-based liquids. Experience the VESL difference.

CBD Isolate Uses:

  • Add to flower to enhance CBD profile for a more balanced THC/CBD consumption
  • Can be consumed by itself with dab rig or vaporizer (odorless/tasteless)
  • Our CBD is oil soluble, making it very easy to add to any cooking/baking recipe to give any meal a healthy boost
  • Turn into vape liquid with LIQUIFII and add to your ecig or refillable vape cartridge

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA.

Ingredients: Pure CBD (Cannabidiol) Powder

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Weight1.5 oz

8 reviews for Pure CBD Isolate (1g)

  1. M

    Marriane Gunnison

    Added a TINY amount of this to my gravy recipe last night, my husband slept so good! We’re going to start cooking with CBD more often.

  2. L

    Linda Marie Pons

    I like this CBD. I can combine it with my salad, juice and even take is straight up.

  3. M

    Mark Jeffreys

    A pinch of this in my coffee keeps me warm and happy all day. Great product

  4. T

    Tyrone Diller

    I like taking it straight up. This product is really great. I would appreciate more if you have a product of more than 1 gram.

  5. F

    Francis Rivera

    I must say it really helped me sleep well since I first used this powder. I am more relaxed now.

  6. L

    Lawrence Tuberville

    It’s a pretty straight forward product. A pinch on my drink and off I go. I love how it works. You feel like you have energy all throughout the day. You’re happy and calm and positive all day.

  7. A

    Arielle Andrews

    Thank you VESL OILS for making a great product! It really works for me and is very convenient to use.

  8. V

    Victoria Shamrock

    Drop a pinch under your tongue and that’s it. You’ll get the effects really fast. I use this when I feel anxiety. Works great.

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