1000mg CBD Muscle Gel

(21 customer reviews)

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Contains 1,000mg of CBD (Cannabidiol) | 4oz vol. | THC FREE

CBD Muscle Gel is enriched with 1000mg of CBD and carefully formulated with an essential oil blend to create a cooling sensation on your muscles and/or joints that may help relieve discomfort. Contains zero THC. Toss in the gym bag to rub over sore muscles or old injuries. Supremely relaxing icy-hot sensation created by cooling menthol and warming capsicum and camphor oil. These amazing ingredients combined with 1000mg Pure CBD oil, make this our number one selling CBD supplement!

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CBD Muscle Gel


*Contains 1,000mg of CBD (Cannabidiol) | 4oz vol. | THC FREE

CBD Muscle Gel is enriched with 1000mg of CBD and carefully formulated with an essential oil blend to create a cooling sensation on your muscles and/or joints that may help relieve discomfort. Toss in the gym bag to rub over sore muscles or old injuries. Supremely relaxing icy-hot sensation created by cooling menthol and warming capsicum and camphor oil. These amazing ingredients combined with 1000mg Pure CBD oil, make this our number one selling CBD supplement!


Suggested Use:

  • Post-workout: Rub on muscles and joints after workout or long day on the job for relaxing sensation to help your body unwind.
  • Daily Regimen: Use daily on sore joints and muscles to help relieve from discomfort.
  • Massage: Use as a relaxing deep tissue massage for serious muscle recovery therapy.

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Menthol Crystals, Capsicum Fruit Oleoresin, White Camphor Bark Oil, Pure CBD (Cannabidiol), Sweet Basil Leaf Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Roman Chamomile Flower Oil, German Chamomile Flower Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Citronella Oil, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Helichrysum Flower Oil, Ginger Root Oil, Pink Grapefruit Peel Oil, Juniper Berry Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Peppermint Oil, Pine Needle Oil, Ravensara Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil, Spearmint Oil, Wild Oregano Oil, Glycerin, Witch Hazel Water, Organic Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate,

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CBD is being infused in all kinds of products and it is available in many different forms, most of which are ingested. For example, CBD comes in tinctures, gummies, beverages and even vapes. When it comes to targeting specific problematic areas, it is best to apply a CBD topical or CBD Muscle Gel, directly to that area of the body. Pretty simple right?! VESL’s CBD Muscle Gel is by far the most superior topical CBD product on the market, and has always been our top selling CBD supplement. 

Our pure CBD is extracted from high-grade hemp, and our topicals are made of high quality VEGAN ingredients. The quality of our CBD cream is unmatched. This non-greasy formula works instantly and is packed full of ingredients thought to ease muscles and joints naturally.

Toss our convent travel size muscle gel in your gym bag! Our formula is perfect for before and after your work-outs. Maybe you just woke up with a crick in your neck, whatever the issue our CBD muscle gel will have you relaxed and at ease right away!

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The CBD market has literally exploded over the last few of years and numerous companies are now offering a wide range of CBD products. The lack of regulation has led to confusion for the customers. With so many inferior products being sold on the market, it’s hard to know what brand to trust. We advise you to research what you’re buying before purchasing any CBD Topical online, make sure you’re buying a product from a certified CBD manufacture.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard, which is why we use the purest hemp products derived from Colorado grown hemp. By focusing on pure ingredients we are able to provide quality products to our customers.

At VESL we believe our customers should always receive the highest quality CBD products and our CBD muscle cream is the perfect example of this mission. We strongly believe in quality and therefore offer our customers products that have been rigorously formulated and tested.

One of our goals at VESL is to become one of the leading cannabis brands in the country, offering high-quality products that are superior to the competition. But we are not just here to do business. We have had people in our lives that could have benefited from hemp but never had the freedom nor the resources at their disposal for access to it. Our main goal is to provide high quality CBD products that your family can trust in. By doing this we will correct the industry, raise the standard, and spearhead awareness for CBD and hemp.

We believe we have something here that could benefit a lot of people. We started out making products for ourselves and our family members. That level of care and concern still remains the core of what we do here at VESL.

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Eating a CBD Gummy Bear or taking a dropper of CBD oil tinctures is different from using a CBD topical. When you apply a CBD topical, you are rubbing it directly to a specific area and massaging CBD into the problem.

Most customers apply the CBD topical ointment or topical CBD cream to their wrists, knees or other areas where the joints are located. CBD topicals may be used on a daily basis for chronic issues and for just flat out getting old! Whether you decide to go buy a CBD topical or any other CBD product on the VESL OILS website, remember: quality is always our main focus.

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VESL CBD topicals  provide direct application of cannabidiol to any specific area of the body where applied; especially effective for exercise recovery. All of our products, including our CBD topicals use hemp oil extracted from grown hemp that is grown organically in the US. Our topicals include all natural ingredients like menthol, capsicum, camphor, and chamomile which provide a warming/cooling effect when used. Our CBD topicals and CBD products are made with pure CBD  and are always 100% THC free.


Our pure CBD creams are not designed to help, treat, or cure pain. Nor are they intended to cure any other medical condition or ailment. Simply rub our CBD muscle gel anywhere you are looking to get a sense of calm. Also, using our CBD topic cream may help your sleep cycle.

None of our CBD products are intended to prevent or cure any conditions that exist. Try them out for yourself today. As with all CBD products, cannabidiol will be different for each individual. Start with a small amount and find what works best for you. The FDA does not allow any CBD companies to make medical claims. if you are using a product that claims CBD helps with pain make sure they are a verified source. All our or CBD products are certified-lab tested for quality. You can trust in VESL CBD every time.

A variety of issues can be helped when you use our CBD muscle cream. Our customers swear by this gel and many say they experience great results, especially after a long day or strenuous activity. There isn’t a better CBD topical on the market, simply rub the muscle gel anywhere you desire (avoiding eyes and mucus membranes) and see how CBD can help you!

Nothing! CBD topical and CBD cream are just two ways of describing the same thing. Anything you apply directly to your skin is called a “topical” you do not ingest a CBD cream like you would a CBD oil or CBD edibles. Our CBD muscle gel has been out #1 selling item since we started our company. The effects of our CBD topical will be felt right away and a little bit goes a long way!

We manufacture all of our own products in-house. Many of the other CBD companies in the market cannot say this, just ask them! Everything we make uses pure cannabidiol extracts from organically grown hemp. Take a look at our ingredients list and you will see our CBD cream is packed full of vegan and all-natural things thought to help with recovery. If you want the best CBD topical on the market look no further. Backed by thousands of happy customers we’ll take the “Pepsi Challenge” with any other CBD topical or CBD cream out there.

As one of the highest quality CBD topical gels on the market, you don’t need much.  Our product is packed full of natural ingredients that will help ease you day. A little bit goes a long way! Start with a moderate amount and massage the gel into any place you desire. The gel rubs in clear and is non-greasy like a lot of other CBD topical products. You will notice the cooling effects right away!

Additional information

Weight5 oz

21 reviews for 1000mg CBD Muscle Gel

  1. M

    Marcy (verified owner)

    LOVE THIS!!! Got rid of my sciatica/muscle pain, and it helps me sleep.

  2. A

    Anna (verified owner)

    I was pretty skeptical about CBD oils, but a friend recommended I try this one specifically. I had surgery on my wrist this summer and have a bit of nerve damage in my finger, so I am trying anything to remedy it. This has worked wonders for my wrist in such a short amount of time! I am also an active climber, so being able to put this on before/after climbing has helped my stamina tremendously.

    • a


      We are so happy to hear how our CBD Muscle Gel is helping you with your wrist surgery. We appreciate your review!

      -Vesl Oils Team

  3. I

    IErila Paymard

    The muscle gel is the most amazing product! I have used it for migraines, arthritis and chest colds. I have given away jars to friends and family. Thank you for an amazing product

  4. O

    Oliver Wyatt

    I use this on my muscle and joints after every exercise. I works great!

  5. T

    Tony Valle

    I suffer from Piriformis and I use this every day together with stretching. I can say that this is the only product that helped me with the pain. I can sleep well now.

  6. E

    Eric Carpenter (verified owner)

    I have been using CBD for about 5 years now and find it works EXCEPTIONALLY WELL for me. About 5 years ago I found I needed Knee Replacement Surgery. My Doctors had me on Opioids to dull the pain and allow me to keep mobile, after a bit of research I found CBD and found that a steady supply of capsules (about 80 – 100 mg over the day) and Topicals (Like Muscle Gel) to rub on my joints allowed me to STOP using addictive substances and I was basically pain free! It was about two years later I finally had the knee surgery. Since the surgery I still use the topicals daily on the scars and have found that the scars have mostly disappeared. Yes I’m a CBD supporter!!!

  7. K

    Kathryn Bell

    This is absolutely amazing! I really love this product. It really helped me manage my joint pain and muscle pain after working out.

  8. J

    John Hernandez

    This helped me with my lower back pain a lot! I have been using it for years and this product always delivers.

  9. A

    Alyana Schaus

    My back muscles used to hurt a lot, especially when working in the house. My friend gave it to me as a gift and I was astonished by how this product is so effective.

  10. B

    Brandon James

    Great gel! It’s effective and it’s not sticky to apply.

  11. H

    Henry Webber

    I ordered 5 🙂 I can’t have it go out of stock on me. This product helped me get off any pain medicines. I am very thankful for this product. I feel that my leg pain is almost gone.

  12. E

    Edith Carlton

    This gel is really good. I have arthritis on both my knees but since using this gel, the arthritis is not affecting my daily activities anymore. I hardly notice it.

  13. D

    David Johnson

    I have been suffering from arthritis on my fingers for years now. This is the product that relieved me from the pain. The pain has been reduced to the point that I even forget I have arthritis. Thank you very much for making such a great product.

  14. R

    Ray Seachrist

    This product is not as greasy as I would expect. Solid product

  15. c

    chelseyberkebile5@yahoo.com (verified owner)

    THIS. This product is just what my lower back needed as a new mom and getting back into workouts my back has been through a lot. I put it on right before bed and the pain is relieved as well as I sleep so much better! I’d recommend to anyone!

  16. N

    Natalia Gunderson

    This is a lifesaver! I love that it is really effective in helping me manage my arthritis. The pain got so manageable that I hardly notice it. This is the remedy that I have been waiting for years.

  17. C

    Conner Newton

    This gel is my new buddy during this period. I’m trying to get my exercise done inside the house because of the situation right now and the pain after exercise is being treated by this gel. It works wonders for me.

  18. W

    Wes Leigh

    I got this from my fiance when she told me that she received a lot of benefits from this gel. I used it for a month and it definitely reduced my post-workout pain. We are now enjoying this gel together.

  19. R

    Roger Summer

    This is a likable product. It does not smear as much and it’s not oily.

  20. J

    Janice Law

    I suffered from a lot from pain from sitting for more than 10hrs a day from working, especially now that I’m working from home. But I was able to find relief by using this muscle gel. 5 out of 5 for me.

  21. E

    Erick Mission

    This is a miracle! This product has helped me push through from all day sitting and working from home.

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