CBD Rich Omega-3 Fish Oil For Pets

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Help your pet maintain a natural and healthy lifestyle with VESL’s CBD Enriched Omega-3 Fish Oil. Veterinarians recommend Omega-3 oils for cats and dogs to help treat a number of conditions including arthritis, high cholesterol, and even allergies!Infused with Pure CBD Oil, give your pets all the benefits of CBD. Safe for all mammals, simply pump on your pet’s food and you’re done! They will go CRAZY for it, we promise! Serving amount based on weight.

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*Contains 300mg of CBD (Cannabidiol) | 12oz vol. | THC FREE

Omega-3 Fish Oil is full of EPA and DHA fatty acids, which are specific types of polyunsaturated fats important to your pet's health. At VESL OILS, we use the same high-quality CBD oil for our CBD pet care line as we use in our other products. We love our pets just like you, show 'em a little extra love with VESL CBD oil for pets.

Omega-3 Oil Benefits: 

VESL pet owners use our CBD enriched Omega-3 oil to try easing stress from their pet being separated from them, and even symptoms that come with old age. Omega-3 oil is full of natural fatty acids that are beneficial for pets in many ways, this combined with pure CBD oil is a no-brainer.

CBD for pets:

CBD is a natural, non-psychoactive and therapeutic compound found in cannabis and hemp plants. CBD has been used for thousands of years for it's medicinal qualities and is just as effective for animals as it is for humans. CBD can help boost your pets overall health and quality of life, naturally.

CBD Benefits For Pets:

Few people realize is that endocannabinoid receptors and systems exist in nearly all living animals earth - including cats & dogs. Cannabidiol oil works by interacting with this system to keep everything operating at a homeostasis (normal) levels.

How To Use:

  • It's easy! Pump the bottle to dispense Omega-3 Fish Oil over your pet's food at every feeding.
  • Store away from direct sunlight and at room temperature.
  • 1 pump = 1.5mg CBD (approx. 200 pumps per bottle)

Recommended (Daily) Dosing:

    • >10 lbs............1/2 pump (.75mg CBD)
    • 10-20 lbs.........1 pump (1.5mg CBD)
    • 20-50 lbs.........2 pumps (3mg CBD)
    • 50-80 lbs.........3 pumps (4.5mg CBD)
    • 80+ lbs............4 pumps (6mg CBD)

*For pets with sensitive digestive systems, use half the recommended daily amount for the first week.

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA.

Ingredients: fish oil (anchovy), tocopherol, pure CBD (Cannabidiol)

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CBD oil can have great effects on humans, but have you thought to buy CBD for dogs? Or did you ever think about giving CBD to your pets?

The endocannabinoid receptors and systems are present in nearly all living animals earth - including cats & dogs. Cannabidiol (CBD) works by interacting with your pet's system to keep them operating at a homeostasis level. This means you can give hemp CBD for dogs the same benefits as humans.

Our high-quality Omega-3 oil simply pumps on your pet's food at each feeding. Award winning, this is one of the top selling products in the CBD industry. VESL pet owners use our CBD for dogs to ease stress with separation, and symptoms that come with old-age. Omega-3 oil is packed full of natural fatty acids that are beneficial in many ways, this combined with pure CBD oil is a no-brainer.

Our satisfied customers simply give their pets a dose in the morning or at each feeding. CBD oil has worked great for improving their dog's mood, and giving them a better quality of life. Choose VESL hemp CBD for pets for young dogs or cats that suffer from separation issues. Our pets love us just as much as we love them. Whether you have to periodically board your pet, or have a daily routine that keeps you away from the home use our CBD for pets to help with separation issues. Separation issues is difficult for pets of all ages, veterinarians have realize that it can lead to complications over the long term. In many cases, CBD for your pets can provide a safe and effective way to help your dog stay calm while you're away.

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When you buy CBD for pets, it can be tough knowing exactly how much CBD to give them. How do you know if the amount you are giving them is even working at all? These are just a few reasons why we've spent so much time developing our CBD pet care formulas, which we believe are the best in the industry. We've created two different CBD products to offer your pet a natural and safe way to reap the benefits of CBD. No matter the size of your dog or pet you can easily give them a proper amount based on their weight.

We suggest a single CBD pump of oil for dogs 20 lbs and under. Above this size, you may want to start adding approximately +1 pump for every 20 lbs of weight; in other words, a 30 lb dog would get 1.5 pumps, an 80 lb dog would get 4 pumps of oil per day. For reference, our recommendation is printed on the bottle. Improving your dog's mood, or giving them a better quality of life. Many pet owners have also chosen to use VESL hemp CBD for pets for young dogs or cats. Whether you have to periodically board your pet, or are away from the home, use our CBD for pets to help. Separation issues is difficult for pets of all ages. Veterinarians realize stress can lead to complications over the long term. 

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A few things to be aware of when buying CBD for pets is realizing that there is a huge discrepancy between manufacturers in terms of the quality. Many of products that are out there on the market use extremely low grade hemp oil. Because CBD is so new to the market, many companies take advantage of the lack of education in the industry.

Many companies are selling products that contains virtually no CBD whatsoever. They are cheating their customers by using hemp seed oil that does not contain any cannabinoids (this is what CBD is) At VESL we use the highest quality nature ingredients because we love our furry friends just as much as you!


Have Questions on CBD Pet Products?

The ingredients for pets are the same high quality as the ones we use to formulate our products for humans. Furthermore, so is the extraction process. We use only pure CBD in our pet formulas. CBD oil effects our endocannabinoid system, and all mammals have this regulatory system. So CBD, in fact, functions for pets the same way it works on humans. Our omega-3 pet oil is very beneficial for pets, as veterinarians have suggested supplementing fatty acids for a number of health benefits.

We do not suggest giving our standard CBD oils to your pet. Our CBD enriched Omega-3 fish oil for pets is specially formulated for your dog.  Dosing guides are available on our website and label. However, you should always consult with your vet to ensure the appropriate dosage for your dog.

NO! The CBD oil we use in our pet cbd and cbd oil for dogs does not get animals or humans high, it is 100% THC free! Rest assured your furry friend will get the benefits of cbd for pets without any intoxicating side-effects. They love the omega-3 fish oil and this makes a great cbd for dogs and cbd for cats.

There are many reasons why a pet owner would give CBD to their pets. With older pets, our customers suggest our CBD for pets helped them have a higher quality of life. Others use CBD oil for dogs to help those who have separation issues or old age. We must mention, none of our CBD products are not designed to treat or prevent diseases or any condition in pets or humans.

We have the perfect product for any sized pet, large or small! And our formula is all-natural and very beneficial for all pets. Pets do not need high doses of CBD, the serving should be based on weight. CBD for pets doesn’t have to be a guessing game. We have an easy to read chart on each bottle to help you decide how much CBD for dogs or CBD for pets. Each pump is 1.5mg of CBD oil for pets. Veteranarians recommend omega-3 fatty acids for a long list of health benefits. Simply pump the oil on your pets food and they will get the benefits of CBD and omega-3 fish oil with each meal!

We do not recommend giving any of your pets a CBD product that is designed for human consumption. Many companies offer the same products and this is not advised. We have consulted with a number of professionals and the truth is most products for human are too strong for our furry friends. It is estimated that even a large pet over 40 pounds only needs about 2.5mg of CBD at a time. Our human customers use up to TEN  X more than that each day. Don’t give your pets a CBD oil designed for humans, give them VESL CBD oil for pets.

Remember, we do not recommend giving CBD oil to your dog or pet that is designed for human consumption. Our pets have different rates at which they need to consume. Giving you pet our CBD enriched omega-3 oil is so simple; all you do is pump it on their food each time they are fed! The bottle is 12oz of the highest quality fish oil available and your pet will love the taste! Always speak with a veterinarian before giving your pet a new supplement. For pets with sensitive digestive systems, use half the recommended daily amount for the first week.

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20 reviews for CBD Rich Omega-3 Fish Oil For Pets

  1. S

    Steven Hawkins

    My dog goes CRAZY for this stuff! So easy to pump on her food. The subscription is perfect for us each month

  2. J

    Jennifer Custer

    My pets love this so much! My dogs enjoy it very much. You’ll never have to guess because the packaging contains a guide so that your pet will enjoy CBD!

  3. S

    Sandra Watson-Davis

    It is very easy to use and my dogs love it. Perfect product for pets. It’s more fun playing with them since they are always lively and happy

  4. A

    Anita Perez

    I tried several CBD companies to find a product that my pets would love. I haven’t found it until this was recommended to me. This is the only product my dogs love. It’s so easy to use.

  5. L

    Lianne Coff

    This pet oil works well for my pet. It’s easy to apply and my dog loves it.

  6. C

    Caroline Spark

    The best pet supplement! My dogs enjoy it and I’ve never been happier.

  7. V

    Vicky Simmons

    A decent pet product. I gotta say, my dogs love it. Both I and my dog can enjoy CBD now.

  8. V

    Victoria Dowden

    My dog love this oil very much. I can see that he enjoys his food with the oil and my pet is more active than before! It works

  9. A

    Ashley Perez

    I have nothing to complain about this pet oil. My dog seems to love it.

  10. K

    Kody Mourin

    My dog was a bit lethargic and I was looking for months for a product that can help. A friend recommended this product and after using it for a week, I can definitely see that my dog is much more active and playful.

  11. h

    heather McCray

    This is the only pet product that worked on my dog. When my dog was really dehydrated, a friend recommended this to me. In just 1 week, I can see that my dog is more active. Thank you VESL for this product

  12. H

    Harley Scott

    I received a broken product from shipping. I love that VESL customer service is very fast. I just sent them a photo of the pet oil and they shipped the replacement the same day. Thank you for always caring for your customers!

  13. C

    Candy Martell

    Thank you for this product. I have left a review on the Moes Noes as well since these pet care products helped my dog get well. I’ll be forever thankful for this company.

  14. M

    Megan Havens

    My dog has been a bit weak for weeks when my friend recommended this oil. I was a bit skeptical but since it’s natural, I tried it. My dog actually liked the oil combined with its food. In just 1 week, my dog is now active and a lot happier.

  15. J

    Jinky Devin

    My dogs love this product a lot. They enjoy it together with their food. Although my last delivery was a bit late.

  16. D

    David Mahoney

    I tried this for the first time when I saw that my dog is a bit lethargic. I gave this to her for a week and now she’s active. My dog seems to love it with her food.

  17. L

    Lyza Harkless

    I tried a lot of pet products for the past year until my friend recommended this CBD oil to me. My dogs and cats love this oil. It mixes well with food and it made my pets more healthy.

  18. B

    Bridget Shepherd

    I have both a dog and a cat. I tried this for my pets and my dog absolutely love it. My cat is not as fond but she eats it. But both of them are more active than before. I enjoy playing with them more.

  19. J

    Jacob Potter

    I have been inside the house this whole pandemic and I decided to at least give my buddy something that will keep him healthy. I took a look at this product and tried it 2 months ago. It worked well for my dog. He’s definitely healthier and more active.

  20. M

    Mason Scott

    I had a hard time introducing this pet oil to my dog. But he actually liked once my dog tried it. It really helped him be more active.

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