Citrus CBD Oil Tincture 300mg

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Our pure CBD Oil Tincture is a great way to consume the highest quality CBD oil available online. Contains 0% THC. Vesl’s CBD Oil is an easy way to get the benefits of CBD! This Pure CBD Oil Tincture is formulated with +99% pure CBD and taste GREAT! CBD drops straight under your tongue or easily into foods & beverages! Citrus flavored, like you just bit into a juicy tangerine!

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We manufacture only the highest quality hemp oil on the market, resulting in the best CBD products available in the USA. VESL OILS' Pure CBD oil products are 3rd party lab-tested and you can always trust in our product. We can ensure consistency and quality in  all of the CBD Products we manufacture. Pure CBD drops contain pure, organically grown hemp-derived CBD, and is always 0% THC. Enjoy the benefits of CBD, and none of the high! CBD Oil Tinctures are easily-absorbed by the tissues in our mouths, you will feel the effects faster. Stimulate your endocannabinoid system with VESL CBD Oil CBD products online, they’re non-psychoactive & contain zero levels of THC. You will notice a difference in our products, we guarantee it. Your #1 trusted source for CBD and the best CBD store online!

  •  300mg of cannabidiol (CBD)  30mL bottle = 10mg CBD per serving

Ingredients: USP grade MCT oil, Pure Tangerine Oil, Pure CBD (Cannabidiol)

Suggested Serving: 1/2 dropper twice per day

Servings Per Container: 60


  • A full dropper is 1mL (10mg CBD)
  • Use as desired
  • Squeeze dropper under tongue and let sit for 10-20 seconds

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

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As cannabinoid research increases and hemp-derived products become more readily available.  Customers are continuing to learn about the many applications and benefits of products containing CBD hemp oil.  CBG oil is a newly abundant cannabinoid that shows many benefits alone or in conjunction with CBD. Hemp oil products contain a wide range of supportive plant-based agents.

Explore our line of CBD and CBG oil tinctures. VESL offers flavored and unflavored variations, as well as concentrations ranging from 300mg to 1,500mg. VESL OILS provides the highest quality hemp extract products and is one of the first companies to offer CBG tinctures to the market. 

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Browsing the internet you will find many options for cannabinoid products and it can become overwhelming. Please!  Let us take the guesswork out of this task! VESL offers the highest quality pure CBD oils online at affordable prices.  Also check out location map for store locations near you!

There are tons of brands that offer a variety of CBD products, the question is who can you trust?

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W will start by listing a few points that give our products unrivaled quality, purity, and consistency:

  • We manufacture all of our own products in our 8,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Denver CO
  • We use organic, non-GMO, pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer, and chemical free ingredients.
  • We source our raw hemp from certified farms in Colorado as well as Oregon.
  • We use only the highest grade PURE CBD extracts in all of our formulas.
  • We test samples from our products via independent, third party laboratories and always have up-to date batch testing available on our website.

All products from VESL OILS are sourced from industrial hemp that is grown in the United States. Quality products separate themselves from the competition; we strive to be the reputable vendors with a name that you can trust. VESL will strive to maintain this title as one of the best hemp companies in the world.

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As stated, when you buy hemp oil online, it can be incredibly tough trying to distinguish one company from the next. Most brands are white label products with no passion behind the manufacturing.  We feel that the best brands make their own products, know their ingredients from top to bottom, offer third party testing to produce solvent-free hemp products.

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Have Questions on CBD Products?

A feeling of calmness is the top testimonial from our customers. In addition, they say that their daily stress level is better managed when they buy CBD oil from VESL. Our CBD products do no treat any form of medical ailment. Be aware that the FDA has not regulated CBD, but our products are always tested in a laboratory to ensure consistency and potency.

You should know that thousands of customers have found VESL CBD oils are the best CBD products available. CBD affects every person differently and because of this a wide range of testimonials are reported everyday. Most people find help managing daily stress and better sleep patterns. We want to remind you that the FDA does not regulate CBD oil, and we cannot advertise our CBD oil as a cure or treatment for any ailment.

There is no difference; CBD tincture and CBD oil is essentially the same thing. Our CBD oil uses pure MCT oil as a carrier along with pure flavor extracts. We advertise them as both CBD tincture and CBD oil. CBD oil is the most popular CBD and remains our top selling category. Experience the VESL difference today!

Our customers use our CBD oil and CBD products regularly to help maintain their idea of  wellness. Some customers find that in addition to a healthy sleep schedule they receive a calming experience using our CBD oil. We must stress, our CBD products are not to treat or cure any ailment or condition. We do not make medical claims for any of our products.

Our loyal customers state that our CBD is improving their idea of wellness! A high quality of life is what we want to offer our customers. Per our customer’s word, our CBD hemp oil works best to help improve relaxation and focus.

With so many companies offering CBD oil for sale online, it is hard to decide what company to choose.  Be sure that the CBD oil you are purchasing has been tested for pesticides and residual solvents.  Many companies are taking advantage of low-grade hemp oil leading to inferior products. At VESL we only use hemp oil that has been extracted from US grown hemp. Don’t settle for low grade CBD oil! Our hemp is grown in Colorado and Oregon by the top hemp farms in the world!

Our CBD products are not designed to treat any medical ailments. However, an overall sense of wellness is what our customers experience. In addition, their daily stress seems to be better managed when they buy CBD from VESL. Keep in mind that the FDA does not regulate CBD or CBD products. We strive to be the best and our products are always lab tested to ensure consistency and potency. Our facility is fully compliant and licensed to manufacture food-grade products in the state of Colorado. 

As one of America’s most sought-after brands, we continue to raise the bar in quality and product variety. Our CBD oil is THC free and legal in all 50 states.  Have confidence in your purchase with VESL OILS!

Our CBD tincture ships in an industry leading childproof one ounce dropper bottles with a 1mL dropper for accurate use. We recommend “dropping” the oil under your tongue and letting it dissolve for 30-40 seconds before you swallow. The tissue in our mouths is very effective at absorbing the CBD oil.

Our CBD tinctures come in four strengths and are offered in many different flavors. We manufacture a 300mg, 500mg, 1000mg, and a 1,500mg formula. Each tincture comes in a 30mL (1oz) bottle. The difference is the potency per milliliter. The range per serving is from 10mg to 50mg. Everyone will need varying strengths, but keep in mind with our CBD oil tinctures you can control the exact amount you are taking no matter what strength you choose. 

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2 reviews for Citrus CBD Oil Tincture 300mg

  1. A

    Angel Wise

    This is the best CBD product I’ve used so far. I have used CBD oils with over 3,000mg dosage and didn’t work for me. I just used this 300mg CBD oil and I already feel the effects. Now I know that not all CBD are made equal and I’m happy that this company delivers. I’m a fan!

  2. L

    Leah Garland

    One dropper of this on my morning smoothie then off I go. It handles my anxiety really well!

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