Experience some of the finest most rare hemp in the world. Our CBD and CBG smokeable flowers are USDA certified organic and will impress anyone with the smell, flavor, and burn. Trying to quit smoking cigarettes? Our organic Hemp Smokes are blended with high quality CBD and traditional herbs that make a great alternative herbal cigarette. Legal in all 50 states these products contain >0.3% THC.



All VESL hemp is grown right here in the United States. Organic, non-GMO, pesticide-free, and rigorously cultivated by the finest farmers in Colorado and Oregon. We have built great relationships with the farming families we work with and can not stress enough how amazing these people are. The love and care put into each VESL product starts at the farm and remains throughout the process all the way to our finished CBD products online. Third-party lab certified and USDA organic our hemp is legal nation wide. All batches contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC and come with up to date laboratory analysis.

With so much growth in this industry many companies are sourcing sub-par hemp oil from farmers who simply do not know what they’re doing. We have visited hundreds of farms across the United States and are here to tell you, we work with some of the best hemp farms in America. Our relentless approach to quality starts with the hemp flowers we use in our proprietary extraction process. To have the best hemp oil online you have to start with the best hemp plants.

Free of pesticides, heavy-metals, and grown with organic farming practices we guarantee the highest quality hemp on the market. Be aware when you buy hemp online there are a lot of poisonous products out there, companies just trying to make a dollar selling dangerous hemp. That is why all of our smokeable hemp, hemp joints, and hemp cigarettes are tested for potency and quality.

High grade CBD and CBG Oils. Buy CBD Oil online. Buy CBG Oil online.

Well, you’re in the right spot! VESL CBD has hemp for sale, everyday of the year you can buy hemp online at our website. Know that you’re getting the best hemp online every time. We have organic CBD hemp flower and even smokeable CBG flower that are extremely rare. Buy legal hemp online but make sure the product is compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. Industrial hemp must contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. VESL hemp products are legal in all 50 states and compliant with federal laws.

All products from VESL OILS are sourced from industrial hemp that is organically grown in the USA. Quality products separate themselves from the sub-par products; we are one of the most reputable outlets to buy hemp online. VESL has been featured, and will continue to be featured, as one of the best hemp oil for sale in the country.

Because our CBD hemp and CBG flower are so popular, we are constantly focused on providing our customer with an expedited delivery process. Because of that, we spend long hours and are constantly focus on ways to provide extremely fast shipping times. This means once you buy VESL CBD flower or smokeable CBG hemp from our online store — you will have them delivered to your home very fast! In most cases, the products arrive within 3-4 days PLUS if you spend over $50 we include FREE SHIPPING.

High grade CBD and CBG Oils. Buy CBD Oil online. Buy CBG Oil online.

Cannabigerol (CBG) is extremely rare. VESL’s CBG hemp and CBG oil are among the most rare and highest quality hemp oil and hemp flower online. CBG plays a major role in the medicinal benefits cannabis may provide. As cannabis research and hemp research rapidly evolves, CBG may emerge as one of the most therapeutically applicable and diverse cannabinoids offering a wide range of possibilities.

Hemp in its raw form is call smokeable hemp or hemp flower. Most customers enjoy smoking hemp because it is legal and they get the benefits of CBG and CBD from our CBG products and when they buy CBD flowers online. Our flower can be smoked, simply roll a joint, and smoke legal hemp in one of the most traditional ways. Hemp is among civilization’s earliest cultivated crops dating back almost 8,000 years.

Our organic hemp smokes are hemp cigarettes and make a great alternative to harmful tobacco cigarettes. The natural cigarettes are blended with traditional herbs that have been used for just as long as hemp! Looking to quit smoking cigarettes, then we’ve got a natural cigarette alternative to help you quit smoking tobacco.

Integrity is the cornerstone of every product here at VESL OILS. We make sure that 3rd-party lab tests are required for all batches made and that information is made available to our customers. Our CBG (Cannabigerol) and CBD hemp are legal, pass pesticides & heavy metals testing and are amazing!