What is Hemp?

Hemp Flower

‘Not Your Typical Hemp Plant’

Hemp has been used to make thousands of products for thousands of years, but is usually only thought of in one way –  a tall, bamboo-like plant marijuana type leaves grown for it’s stalk.

Hemp Flowers

High CBD producing hemp plants can produce flowers almost identical (more leafy and loose buds) to some marijuana plants.  Similar in size and shape with its own unique potent smell – the only difference is the high THC/low CBD content in marijuana and the high CBD/low THC content in hemp. Take a look at the image below of a flower grown from a hemp plant and you can see that it’s covered in trichomes (an indicator of quality and potency among marijuana growers and smokers) and has a soft shine to it.

Hemp flowers, like the one above, have a higher concentration of CBD (Cannabidiol) than most other hemp plants and are used to make hemp oil, isolate, crumble and other CBD concentrates and can also be smoked as is. CBD can be used in many forms as a health supplement (See here for CBD health benefits) and is carving out it’s (already very long and historical) path in the health and wellness industry.

Industrial Hemp CBD

Industrial hemp is usually grown for its seeds and/or strong and fibrous stalk and grows tall and straight (see pic below) but is also cultivated for CBD extraction because CBD derived from industrial hemp is legal (in compliance with state laws and for higher education).  Based on the 2014 Federal Farm Bill Section 7606, for a hemp plant to be labeled as ‘industrial’ the THC content of that hemp plant must be less than or equal to .3% and CBD derived from these plants are also . Therefore, the highly coveted and rising stars are the hemp strains with high CBD (and other Cannabinoids) and low (less than .3%) THC content.

All of VESL’s CBD concentrates and supplements are made from hemp oil extracted from high CBD producing, industrial hemp flowers for a higher CBD Cannabinoid ratio and better quality and NOT from bulk hemp stalk like many “hemp oil” or “hemp seed oil” labeled products. Click Here for all your CBD supplements.

Hemp derived CBD oil

So remember, not all hemp oil is created equal and before buying CBD Hemp Oil it’s always good to know where it came from: industrial hemp or marijuana, high CBD hemp flowers or hemp stalk/seed oil.