About Us

High grade CBD and CBG. Buy CBD online. Buy CBG online.

Our Mission:

Our belief in quality and integrity encompasses all aspects of our brand. We make strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations in a variety of industries that share our values and passion for the Cannabinoid's medicinal properties. Our daily motivation is to bring as much value as possible while exceeding expectations and deadlines. We take pride in our ability to operate swiftly, professionally and cost effectively.
High grade CBD and CBG Oils. Buy CBD Oil online. Buy CBG Oil online.
High grade CBD and CBG Oils. Buy CBD Oil online. Buy CBG Oil online.

What makes us different?

We hold ourselves to the highest standard, which is why we use the purest hemp products derived from Colorado grown hemp. By focusing on pure ingredients we are able to provide quality products to our customers.

Integrity is the cornerstone of every product here at VESL OILS. We make sure that 3rd-party lab tests are required for all batches made and that information is made available to our customers. THC free means THC FREE!

Not all hemp is created equal. Our hemp products are derived from organically grown US hemp. Our CBD oil is the result of an intensive and precise multi-extraction process, ultra refined and stripped of impurities and solvents.

Our Story:

We are not just here to do business. We have had people in our life that could have benefited from hemp but never had the freedom nor the resources at their disposal for access to it. Our main goal is to provide high quality CBD products that your family can trust in. By doing this we will correct the industry, raise the standard, and spearhead awareness for CBD and hemp. We believe we have something here that could benefit a lot of people. We started out making products for ourselves and our family members. That level of care and concern still remains the core of what we do here at VESL.
High grade CBD and CBG Oils. Buy CBD Oil online. Buy CBG Oil online.
High grade CBD and CBG Oils. Buy CBD Oil online. Buy CBG Oil online.

Our Partners:

We are excited about this partnership with Isiah International. Partnering with Isiah and Joshua provides a huge opportunity for us, and for the entire Cannabis industry. The Thomas family have broken down barriers in the champagne world with Cheurlin and will now be at the forefront with us, in legitimizing this emerging industry. Their championship mentality and passion for helping others, align perfectly with the VESL team and culture. Together, we aim to usher in a new and necessary change that will enhance and improve the quality of life of people; with CBD for all.