• We are so grateful to have all of your support. We started this business because we believed in something, the power of natural healing.  In 2016, we started this company with the sole vision of sharing with people the many potential benefits Cannabinoids can provide. The stigma created many years ago made a skeptical society but our vision is to change that. We started small but now we operate at our 8,000 sq ft manufacturing Read More
  • Summer is one of the favorite seasons for most people. It means vacation, warm weather, beach, and fun activities. We’re all excited about all the things that we can do in this beautiful season. However, this year is a little different, we’re living in a historic time due to the pandemic. But there’s still a lot of opportunity for activities this summer. CBD can help you make the most of the summer from keeping your Read More
  • Ever since it has been discovered in the mid-1980s, the Endocannabinoid System or ECS has been considered a breakthrough in the world of medicine. Doctors and researchers have been trying to study this system to further unlock the keys to understand our bodies.  To better understand ECS and what it does, think of it as a car. It has an engine and other essential parts for the car to run. But for the car to Read More
  • CBD is out there, from supplements to cosmetic products. Its rise in popularity means that many companies are putting their eyes on it. But as consumers, we need to get the best information possible to make an informed decision. We always encourage you to do your own research and learn as much as possible about it. In this article, we highlight the 5 myths and facts you’ll hear about CBD.  MYTH #1: CBD will get Read More
  • There has been a rise of awareness about hemp the past couple of years and many people are starting to feel more comfortable talking about it. But only a few know about the history of this interesting plant. Archaeological evidence proved that hemp and cannabis have been found used for thousands of years by ancient civilizations: from fabric and paper to therapeutic use.  Recent scientific evidence points out to hemp’s potential health benefits. The three most Read More
  • Everyone is excited about the 4th of July. The hotdogs, the parade, fireworks… we all make memories during this Holiday.  A little bit of history In April of 1775, the initial skirmishes for the Revolutionary War took place. That is also the year when some colonists wanted complete independence from Great Britain. The feeling was further fueled by Thomas Paine when he created the thought-provoking revolutionary pamphlet called “Common Sense” in 1776. That same year Read More
  • Chris Mosier is a trailblazing athlete, coach, and the founder of In 2020 he made history by becoming the first transgender athlete to compete in the Olympic Trials in the gender with which they identify. Prior to that, in 2015 he became the first openly trans man to make a Men’s US National Team. Following the national championship race, he was instrumental in getting the International Olympic Committee policy on transgender athletes changed, and Read More
  • Have you heard of the phrase “fake it till you make it”? That’s a parent’s dilemma. There are not enough books that will ever train you to be a parent. Parents just deal with things as they come, it’s a constant learning experience. We all love our dads. Those strong, reliable, silent, and sometimes quirky men in our lives. This year, Father’s Day falls on the 21st of June. But do you know when did Read More
  • Many studies have shown that CBD may have health benefits for humans. Now, science is also looking at the potential benefits for pets. Some pet owners have reported that CBD has helped with a myriad of conditions and some others wonder if they can give CBD oil to the dogs. Since the legalization of Cannabis in some states and the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, the industry has grown very fast offering an extensive variety Read More