Travel Size – Muscle Gel 300mg

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Our same great Muscle Gel, now in a convenient 1.7oz travel size! Perfect for the gym bag, purse, or carry-on. Easy to use CBD topical that gives instant results. Non-greasy formula that goes to work quickly.

Extremely relaxing cooling-warming sensation, created by natural menthol and warming capsicum & camphor oils. 300mg of PURE CBD makes this the perfect massage gel. Recover like a champion.

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Travel Size Muscle Gel- 


*Contains 300mg of CBD (Cannabidiol) | 1.7oz vol. | THC FREE

Our top selling CBD Muscle Gel now in a convenient travel size! Our Muscle Gel has been voted one of the best CBD topical products on the market. This CBD muscle rub is enriched with 300mg of CBD and formulated to create a warming & cooling sensation on your muscles that may help relieve discomfort. Toss in the gym bag to rub over sore muscles or old injuries before and after your work-out. Menthol, pure CBD oil, capsicum, chamomile oil & camphor oil...these amazing ingredients come together to make this our number one selling CBD supplement online!


How To Use:

  • Before and after work: Rub on muscles and joints fora  relaxing sensation to help you recover.
  • Daily: Use on sore joints and muscles or old injuries.
  • Massage: Use as a relaxing massage gel for serious muscle therapy.

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Juice, Meadow-foam Seed Oil, Menthol, Capsicum Fruit Oleoresin, White Camphor Oil, Pure CBD (Cannabidiol), Sweet Basil Leaf Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Roman Chamomile Oil, German Chamomile Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Citronella Oil, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil, Helichrysum Flower Oil, Ginger Root Oil, Pink Grapefruit Peel Oil, Juniper Berry Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Peppermint Oil, Pine Needle Oil, Ravensara Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil, Spearmint Oil, Wild Oregano Oil, Glycerin, Witch Hazel, Organic Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate,

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CBD is infused in all kinds of products and available in many different forms. They can be applied topically or they can be ingested. In example, our CBD products include CBD oil tinctures, CBD gummies,  and CBD vapes. To targeting specific problematic areas,  apply our CBD Muscle Gel, directly to that area of the body. Pretty simple right?! By far the most superior topical CBD product on the market,VESL’s CBD Muscle Gel is our top selling CBD product. 

We use pure CBD extracted from US grown hemp, and our CBD topicals are made of high quality ALL-NATURAL VEGAN ingredients. The quality of our CBD cream is award-winning. This non-greasy formula works instantly! Packed full of ingredients thought to ease muscles naturally.

Toss our convent travel size muscle gel in your gym bag! Our formula is perfect for any problem you have. Wake up with a crick in your neck, or you had an intense workout? Whatever the issue our CBD muscle gel will get the job done.

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In just about every state the CBD market has exploded and hundreds of companies are now offering a wide range of CBD products. The lack of regulation has caused much confusion for the customers. With many inferior products on the market, it’s hard to know what brands you can trust. Always do your research on what CBD Topical you’re buying online, only buy CBD product from a certified CBD manufacture.

VESL has the  highest standards in the CBD industry, which is why we only use pure hemp oil derived from Colorado grown hemp. By focusing on pure ingredients we provide top quality products to our customers. We use a third-party laboratory to test each batch we manufacture.

Our customers always receive the highest quality CBD products. Our top-selling CBD muscle cream is the perfect example of this mission. We strongly believe in quality and our customers trust in the rigorous manufacturing processes we have in place. Experience the VESL difference. 

We are on a mission to become one of the leading cannabis brands in the United States and world-wide. Offering high-quality products that are superior to the competition is what we do best. But we are not just here to do business. We all have had people in our lives that could benefited from hemp. Now that there is access to it, we are motivated by our motto, CBD for ALL. Our  goal is to provide high quality CBD products that your family can trust and believe in. We are set out to correct the industry by raising the standard and bringing awareness to hemp and cannabis.

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Using a CBD topical is much different than taking a dropper of CBD oil, or eating a CBD Gummy Bear.  A CBD topical is applied directly to a problem area by rubbing it directly to a specific area and massaging CBD into the problem.

Most customers apply our CBD topical ointment or topical CBD cream to areas where their joints are located. CBD topicals can be used on a daily for chronic issues also! When you decide to go buy a CBD topical or any other CBD product from VESL OILS website, remember: quality is always what we manufacture.

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Our CBD Muscle Gel has always been our top selling cbd supplement. All of our customers are purchasing CBD topicals for a targeted application of CBD oil to specific areas of their bodies. VESL'S CBD topicals uses a pure CBD oil that is 100% THC FREE.  Our Muscle Gel also contains ingredients such as menthol, capsicum, and camphor oils which are designed to provide your muscles with a long-term soothing effect. Since our CBD topicals are sourced from industrial hemp, you never have to worry they are always THC free.


We manufacture all of our own products in-house. Many of the other CBD companies in the market cannot say this, just ask them! Everything we make uses pure cannabidiol extracts from organically grown hemp. Take a look at our ingredients list and you will see our CBD cream is packed full of vegan and all-natural things thought to help with recovery. If you want the best CBD topical on the market look no further. Backed by thousands of happy customers we’ll take the “Pepsi Challenge” with any other CBD topical or CBD cream out there.

Our pure CBD creams are not designed to help, treat, or cure pain. Nor are they intended to cure any other medical condition or ailment. Simply rub our CBD muscle gel anywhere you are looking to get a sense of calm. Also, using our CBD topic cream may help your sleep cycle.

Nothing! CBD topical and CBD cream are just two ways of describing the same thing. Anything you apply directly to your skin is called a “topical” you do not ingest a CBD cream like you would a CBD oil or CBD edibles. Our CBD muscle gel has been out #1 selling item since we started our company. The effects of our CBD topical will be felt right away and a little bit goes a long way!

A variety of issues can be helped when you use our CBD muscle cream. Our customers swear by this gel and many say they experience great results, especially after a long day or strenuous activity. There isn’t a better CBD topical on the market, simply rub the muscle gel anywhere you desire (avoiding eyes and mucus membranes) and see how CBD can help you!

None of our CBD products are intended to prevent or cure any conditions that exist. Try them out for yourself today. As with all CBD products, cannabidiol will be different for each individual. Start with a small amount and find what works best for you. The FDA does not allow any CBD companies to make medical claims. if you are using a product that claims CBD helps with pain make sure they are a verified source. All our or CBD products are certified-lab tested for quality.

As one of the highest quality CBD topical gels on the market, you don’t need much.  Our product is packed full of natural ingredients that will help ease you day. A little bit goes a long way! Start with a moderate amount and massage the gel into any place you desire. The gel rubs in clear and is non-greasy like a lot of other CBD topical products. You will notice the cooling effects right away!

Additional information

Weight2.9 oz

Pineapple, Mango, Grape

18 reviews for Travel Size – Muscle Gel 300mg

  1. S


    This stuff works so fast! I bring it with me to work for those long shifts at the office

  2. C

    Christopher Ross

    I like this product a lot! It works fast and it’s pocket size. I can take it anywhere and have CBD relief anytime.

  3. A

    Ann Dillon

    This is very handy and it’s really effective. I have one at home and at the office.

  4. S

    Shannon Church

    The product is very handy. I can use it anytime I need it. I always bring it to the gym and to work. It helps me a lot.

  5. M

    Martin Munoz

    I love working out at the gym and using this product after. It’s very handy and it really helped me for the pain.

  6. S

    Shiela Karveli

    The perfect gym buddy. I would love it more if you can make a bigger travel size gel.

  7. L

    Linda Acosta

    I’m running out of this! I love it so much and it helped me with my arthritis.

  8. W

    Wendy Harter

    I loved it a lot. I love it more now that it still helps me at home. Since I can’t go outside to have therapy.

  9. K

    Kevin Waterland

    I work long hours and my neck always hurt from facing the computer all day. This product is cool and calming. It really helped me in getting rid of my neck pain! And it is very easy to apply

  10. E

    Edward Stone

    This product is affordable and it actually works. I was not a fan of any topical pain reliever but this works for me. Even when I’m stuck at home, I never fail to exercise and this is what I use if I feel any pain after my exercise.

  11. J

    Joseph McCollum

    The only issue that I had with this order is that the delivery has been delayed by a day. Obviously it’s because of the current situation right now. But the product itself is amazing.

  12. M

    Mandii28 (verified owner)

    Perfect size to put in my purse and take with me. It works almost immediately and is perfect for my long shifts at work on my feet. Love using it after an intense workout as well! Definitely recommend!!

  13. M

    Mindy Jacobs

    This the best CBD product in my opinion. This gel really help me with my back pain from sitting all day long.

  14. E

    Emily Bolding

    This really works! I tried this because of my friend’s recommendation. I have arthritis on my knees and I’m really surprised at how good it works.

  15. B

    Bonnie Ulrich

    Thank you for the fast delivery! I love this muscle gel and I use it every time.

  16. A

    April Hamworth

    This product has saved me through this pandemic. I started getting pains in my buttocks from sitting a lot but this gel helped me fix it.

  17. B

    Benjamin Nelson

    This is actually a banger of a product. I have been suffering from muscle pain in my leg that have been bugging me for years but this is the only product that helped me manage my pain. I am very happy about this product. I’ll try the 5,000mg next.

  18. S

    Stewart Young

    I suffered a lot from working from home. Always sitting all day, no place to walk around but home, I develop pain around my lower back and buttocks. I tried this gel and it really helped me with the pain.

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